Damaged — Rewrite Planned

Video 1 – Explaining the Decision
Video 2 – What’s next?


  • I know I read Damaged but I can’t remember it. I do know I liked it and wanted more. I’ll read whatever you write,Melissa,as long as my favorite couple Jason and Elizabeth are front and center. I totally agree that you have to love and be passionate about what you write especially since you share it with us and you don’t get paid. As a retired Special Ed teacher that taught 6th graders, I know how stressful your life can be. Do what makes you happy. I know I’ll enjoy it. There will be many if is that follow. You know me as arcoiris. I’m off to see your 2and video.

    According to Iris on May 30, 2020
  • ya gotta go with what you feel,
    and i’ll wait, impatiently, for new version
    thanks for letting us know!

    According to vicki on May 31, 2020