1.11 “You Found Me”

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Friday, May 23, 2014

My condolences to the family and friends of Sabrina Santiago. Death comes to us all, but it comes first to those who deserve it least. I’ve spent my life trying to justify my own existence while others have left us, but I’m no closer to an answer for it all. Life, like death, is a mystery and we’re all just fumbling around in the dark.  Not that anyone asked me.
– “Ask Jessie”

Queen of Angels Church

Patrick stepped into the anteroom and stared at the closed doors leading into the church. The last time he had been here with Sabrina, they were to have been married.

And then Robin had been there.

He closed his eyes, remembering the day. If they had gone through with the wedding, would he still be standing here?

They would have been so excited at the news of adding to their family. He would have been at every appointment. Would he have seen the signs?

“You’re better than that.”

Patrick turned to find Felix standing in the open door, clad similarly in a dark black suit. “What?”

“You’re thinking all the things I thought. You’re the best at what you do.” Felix stepped closer to him. “Why didn’t you see the signs? If you’d picked her…” He shook his head. “Maybe. But we both know it might not have changed anything.”

Patrick exhaled slowly. “Felix—”

“She asked me to forgive you.” Felix picked up the photo of Sabrina set next to the guest book. “It was the last thing she asked of me, so I’m gonna do it.” He flicked his eyes back to Patrick. “Sabrina said the two of you were having trouble deciding on the baby’s name.”

Patrick cleared his throat. “Ah, yeah. But we—we agreed before—” He paused. “Simon. Simon Gabriel Santiago-Drake.”

“Simon,” Felix repeated. “I—I like it. It’s different. Classic.” He paused. “I want to be around him.”

Patrick frowned. “Of course, Felix. There’s no question of that.” His throat closed for a moment, but he forged ahead. “You’re Sabrina’s family. Simon needs to know his mother. A-and not just from the way I knew her, but really know her. You have to be here for that. And Emma considers—” He cleared his throat. “I know we haven’t—Felix….”

Felix exhaled slowly and nodded. “All right, then. I just—I wanted that to be clear.” He looked to the doors. “Have you been in yet?”


“Well, then let’s meet with Father Coates together.”

Quartermaine Mansion: Family Room

“You’re sure Starr doesn’t mind?” Elizabeth set her purse on the table and accepted the glass of orange juice Michael offered. “My grandmother can only watch them until about noon—”

“It’s not a problem.” He gestured for her to join her at the breakfast table. “Starr’s looking forward to it, and she’ll have Grandma to help.” He sipped his coffee. “I didn’t know Sabrina that well, but I know she was important to you. I want to be there for you.”

“Thank you.” Elizabeth absently spread cream cheese on a bagel. “You’ve been so good to the boys, I hope you know how much I appreciate it. You have so many amazing memories of Jason. It means the world to Jake and Cam to be able to ask you questions. And I know Danny will appreciate it.”

“I’m just—I’m trying to do right by all of us.” Michael leaned back against his chair. “Grandma and Aunt Tracy are still getting along, which is weird, but you, me, and the boys—we’re what Grandma has left, you know? Aunt Tracy has Ned and Dillon, but—”

“Monica has her grandchildren.” Elizabeth nodded. “I hope that Sam will continue to allow Danny to be a part of it.” She pursed her lips. “Have you received the notice from Alexis?”

“Sam officially filed her petition yesterday.” Michael nodded. “Yeah, Ric’s ready for it, I guess. He said it might hold things up for a while, but it’s not going to change anything.”

“I hate it,” Elizabeth murmured. “I mean, there are moments when I actually enjoy the look on her face when I have the upper hand, but that goes away, and I remember she’s right.” She lifted a shoulder, uncomfortable. “Even though legally, their divorce went through, they were reconciling. There’s no reason to think Jason wouldn’t have adjusted the will to account for both of them.”

“Elizabeth, you offered her a deal—”

“But was it fair?” Elizabeth chewed on her bottom lip. “I wanted to protect Danny and Monica, and I feel obligated to protect ELQ because Tracy has been so good to me, and of course, you are wonderful. But did I go too far? I don’t want the penthouse. I don’t want the money. I don’t want the shares. I would have given the proxy to you if Tracy hadn’t asked me to vote them.” She offered him a sympathetic smile. “Apparently, if I give you my shares as well, you’d dominate, and while you’re getting along for the moment, Tracy’s always thinking about the next battle.”

“I know. Elizabeth—”

“And there’s nothing about that original deal that wasn’t relatively fair. Jake was protected, so was Danny.  I just—” She hesitated. “Sam came to my house because she expected me to cave. She expected me to sign things over, and I’m sure she even told herself she was willing to be generous. But I looked in her face and I thought—” She looked at Michael. “This woman has always seen me as weak. As someone she can walk over. And I know she’s not the only person. I wanted to have the upper hand, and damn it, I wanted to win for once. Jason always picked her, so just once, when he picked me—” She closed her eyes.

“The last thing you are is weak, Elizabeth. And anyone who believes that?” Michael shrugged. “They’re morons. If you want to go back to that original deal, I’ll support you. If you want to grind Sam’s face into the ground in court, I’ll support that. Sam’s not part of my life. She’s someone I know through Jason. But you? I remember you looking out for me when my mother faked her death when I was a kid. I know what you meant to Aunt Emily, what you meant to my father. You’re my family, Elizabeth. Whatever you want, I’ll do.”

“When I figure that out, you’ll be the first to know.”

Morgan Penthouse: Living Room

There was nothing about Sam’s day or life that was going well when she pulled her door open to find her quasi-brother standing there. She frowned. “Lucas? What’s up?”

Lucas shrugged and entered when she stepped back to invite him in. “Been thinking a lot about family lately.” He turned back to face her. “I’m not sure how much you know about me, but I once had an older sister—my adopted father’s daughter, BJ. She died in an accident twenty years ago. Last Sunday was the anniversary.”

“Oh.” Sam blinked. “Oh, I’m sorry. No, I didn’t know.”

“I have another older sister now,” Lucas told her. “Well, two. There’s you, and there’s Carly.”

Sam scowled at the thought at being even sort of related to Carly Jacks. “Yeah.”

“Carly and I are working on being closer. I guess. Maybe it’s more accurate to say I’m working on it.” Lucas leaned against the arm of the sofa. “And I was hoping you and I might find some common ground. I want to get to know my biological father.”

Sam sighed. What the hell? “I had a little brother before,” she told him. “His name was Danny.” And then she paused. “He passed away when your father did—the same virus outbreak.”

“Yeah.” Lucas dipped his briefly before raising it again. “I kind of remember, but there was so much going on then.” He offered her a half smile. “You open to another little brother?”

“I don’t know,” Sam said honestly. She sat on the desk. “Why would you want me as a sister?”

“Maybe I don’t.” His smile broadened. “But you’re probably somewhat better than Carly. I don’t think you’ve slept with my dad and broken up my parents’ marriage.” When she didn’t respond, he continued. “We don’t know each other, Sam. That’s true. But I know you’re dealing with a lot right now.” He glanced at the Sun on the coffee table. “I’m sure there’s a lot of people with opinions. People who think you should do something or not do something. I just—I thought you might want someone to talk to. I know Kristina and Molly are out of town—”

“Yeah.” Sam stood and reached for the newspaper. It was today’s edition with a bold headline proclaiming War At ELQ! A photo of she and Jason was featured, with Elizabeth and Tracy’s printed on top.

She hated it.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

“He left it to her. Everything.” Sam tossed the paper back down. “They’re saying it’s about the money.” When Lucas said nothing, she glared at him. “And maybe it is. It’s mine. I married him. He chose me. What does it say about who we were, about our family that he never changed his will? I was good enough to screw in life, but she was always the one he worried about?”

“Why does it matter what he thinks? Or thought,” Lucas asked. “He’s gone, Sam. And it’s not doing you any good to keep measuring yourself by how he treated you.” He picked up the paper again, flipped through it. “I’m pretty sure Alexis would have told you about your chances in court.”

“Slim to none,” she muttered. “Of course you’re taking their side—”

“I’m not on anyone’s side, Sam.” Lucas looked at her. “I’m asking you what’s the point if you know the best you can expect is a trust for Danny, something that’s already on the table. What are you doing to yourself if you don’t walk away now? Is it good for you, for Danny, if you spend the next year of your life fighting for something you can’t get?”

Sam closed her eyes. “You don’t understand—”

“Winning in court, Sam, is never going to change the will. Getting some money, getting some control?” Lucas shrugged. “It won’t change the way Jason Morgan left things when he died. You’re always going to know that.”

She took a deep breath, but couldn’t think of anything to say to that. He was right, of course. She’d clung to Jason’s money, to this penthouse—because her access to them was the proof of the life they had had. Of their reconciliation.

But keeping these things or waging a court battle—it would never change the facts.

Whatever Jason had felt for her in life did not extend to death. He had reviewed that will after learning Danny was alive, and he’d chosen not to provide for him. He’d left generous trusts for Cameron, another boy who wasn’t his, but nothing for Danny.

“If I let it go, if I take my eyes off this,” Sam said slowly, “I’ll remember why we filed for divorce.” She met her brother’s eyes. “I left him because he didn’t love my son. And I knew he had the capacity to love children who weren’t his own. I watched him sacrifice for Michael, for Morgan. I know he was close to Cam when he was seeing Elizabeth. But we thought Danny was Franco’s son. He—he—” Sam fisted her hands at her sides. “I didn’t cheat—”

“I know, Sam,” Lucas said gently. “You don’t have to explain—”

“He couldn’t see the baby. Couldn’t love my child. So I walked away because Danny deserved better.” Sam struggled to continue, but her throat was thick. “But we were trying to put it back together. And I wanted that. But he looked at that will before that night on the pier. He knew Danny was alive, and he did nothing. He didn’t love my son, Lucas. He felt guilty, but he didn’t love Danny. And if I let this go, if I let Jason be dead, I have to accept that.”

“Sam—” Lucas straightened.

“And if I accept that, if I believe Jason didn’t love him, I’m so afraid that’s how I’ll remember him. I’ll remember him with hatred in my heart.” She pressed her fist to her chest. “And I don’t know how to go on with that. Jason changed my life, but I think I hated him in the end. How do I accept that?”

“I don’t know,” he said. He put a hand on her shoulder. “I’m so sorry, Sam. No one deserves what you’re going through. What everyone is going through because of this.”

“I know.” Her eyes burned with tears as she lost the struggle and they started to slide down her cheeks. “And I know that Elizabeth hates this, too. I know she’s trying to do right by Danny, by her boys, by the Quartermaines. She doesn’t care about me, and I can’t blame her for that. I don’t know how to make any of this stop—”

“You should talk to your mother,” Lucas said, his gentle tone unfamiliar. “She knows Diane and Ric. She’ll know how to fix this.” He stepped closer. “I’m sorry, Sam, I know it sounds like I’m taking their side—”

“It doesn’t.” Sam dipped her head and looked away. “No—no one asked me if the fight was worth it. They didn’t ask why I wanted to fight at all. They just assumed.” She flashed him a miserable smile. “I’m a two-bit con artist who found a sugar daddy to finance my taste for luxury. That’s what they all think. My mother, our father—and they’re right. That’s who I am. It’s all I’ll ever be.”

“Maybe,” Lucas allowed. “Or maybe it’s who you were yesterday. This morning. Tomorrow? It’s entirely up to you.”

Dante and Lulu’s Apartment

Lulu’s smile was radiant as she set Ben down in his playpen and turned back to Dante. “Diane said the papers had been finalized? It’s really true?”

“Britt signed over custody two days ago.” Dante swept her up in a tight hug, twirled her in a circle. “He’s ours!” He pressed his lips to hers in an exuberant kiss. “It’s over!”

He set Lulu on her feet, and they both peered into the playpen as a nine-month-old boy chewed on the ear of a stuffed rabbit. “We’re parents.”

“Are we—” Lulu hesitated. “Should we rename him? I know we discussed it—”

“We deserve to. He deserves to have a name that matters to us. That we chose.” He looked down at Lulu. “What are your thoughts?”

“Well, we had some general ideas before we thought we were having a girl—” Lulu bit her lip. “Dominic?”

Dante grinned. “You really want to name our son the same name I lied to you with? The name I used as an undercover agent?”

“Yes.” Lulu lifted her chin. “Because I’m proud of you, for your work. For your dedication. Dominic was the name I fell in love with. And I kind of want to call him Nico for short.”

“Hard to argue with that.” Dante slung an arm around her shoulders. “And the middle name?”

“Oliver, of course.” Lulu smiled down at their son. “Dominic Oliver Falconeri.” She looked at Dante. “Have you thought about what my mother asked us at Jake’s party?”

“About moving in with her at the Charles Street house?” They moved away from the playpen as Lulu sat on the sofa while he poured himself some water. “It’d be more space, but would it be weird living with your mother and grandmother?”

“Maybe,” Lulu allowed. She hesitated. “I just—I’m worried about my mother. She’s trying so hard to get her life back. She’s throwing herself into this Nurse’s Ball, she’s shoving herself at Elizabeth, at me—I want to tell her to calm down, to relax, but—”

“She’s finally recovered from whatever happened to her all those years ago,” Dante said after a moment. “But it took her the better part of a decade. She looks up and nothing is the way it was then. One of her sons is a useless piece of garbage who walked out on his kids, you’re all grown up, Luke is off doing God knows what—” He paused again. “Maybe it’s like getting out of a prison.”

“What?” Lulu asked, raising her brows. “Are you comparing my mother to a felon?”

“No, but it’s similar—she was stuck in one space while the world moved on without her.” Dante leaned against the counter of their kitchen. “These guys—they get out, and it’s a struggle sometimes to get back into it. They throw themselves at everything at once, hoping something will stick. Your mom will calm down eventually and find her rhythm.”

“I guess.” Lulu chewed her lip. “I just—I’ve been avoiding Tracy since Mom got home because I know it makes Mom sad—that I look up to Tracy. But Tracy was there for me when my father wasn’t.”

“Tracy’s probably had her plate full.” Dante set his glass on the counter. “You want to move in with your mother? It might be good for Nico—” He grinned “—to have his grandmother and great-grandmother around. And maybe our mothers can finally get to know one another.”

“So, it’s settled.” Lulu nodded. “We’ll move in to my mother’s house.”

Queen of Angels: Courtyard

Olivia stepped into the courtyard and stopped, a bit unsure. She was here because Sabrina had been a perfectly nice girl and a good nurse during one of Olivia’s stays. She knew that Steven had liked her, and of course, Steven and Patrick had been friendly.

She sighed at the memory of Steven, at the life they might have had if he hadn’t decided to take the fall for his crazy ass mother. They might have married. She still had some child-bearing years left. They could have had a child together.

“Olivia, right?”

She turned at the sound of an unfamiliar voice and frowned. “Oh. You’re—” She cleared her throat. “You were AJ Quartermaine’s cousin.”

“Ned.” Ned Ashton offered his hand, which she gingerly shook. “I wasn’t sure if I should introduce myself seeing as how…” He trailed off. “Well.”

“Seeing as how the whole world thinks your cousin murdered mine,” Olivia said, never one to shy away from an uncomfortable truth. “Yeah. It’s okay.” She paused. “Did you know Sabrina Santiago?”

“No, to be honest, I didn’t.” Ned gestured towards the front of the courtyard where Elizabeth and Michael were standing in quiet conversation with Felix and Patrick. “But Elizabeth is close to Sabrina and Patrick. Michael and I wanted to support her.”

“Oh.” Olivia blinked. “That’s—that’s really nice.” She shifted. “Listen, about your cousin, I—” She hesitated. “My son told me that they’re looking at Connie’s case again—and that they’ve moved AJ down the list of suspects.”

Ned frowned. “I—I hadn’t heard that.”

“Yeah, they’re not eliminating him, but I guess the new DA thinks it might be connected to his murder, so they reopened it—” Olivia bit her lip. “When he was killed, I was happy,” she admitted. “I thought that God had taken care of what man’s system couldn’t. It felt righteous, and I thought my cousin had been avenged.”

“I can understand that,” Ned told her, his tone kind. “I’ve been where you are in some sense. My fiancée was murdered a long time ago, and revenge seemed like a good prospect. It doesn’t really help.”

“It helped for almost a day,” Olivia said. “But it didn’t last. Because then I read about his funeral in the paper, and they had those photos of Monica and Michael—” She cleared her throat. “And I remembered he wasn’t just this caricature of evil, but a real person with family. And I felt guilty. And now, now Dante tells me they don’t think he did it.”

“If the police could clear AJ, I know it would mean a lot to my family,” Ned said, “but I don’t think Monica or Michael would hold those things against you. It’s human nature, and unfortunately, this isn’t the first loss my family has suffered.”

“Until a month ago, I was involved with the man who possibly murdered your family member, so my guilt is a little deeper.” She sighed. “You ever get involved with someone, look back at it, and not understand how it happened?”

“Constantly, actually,” Ned told her. He waited a moment. “Are you all right? I mean, we don’t know each other, but—”

“I’m fine, thanks. Just—” She wiggled her shoulder. “I was brought up as Catholic as they come. We take our sins seriously, and no one does guilt like a Catholic. I guess being at a church brings out the confession in me.”

He laughed lightly then. “Fair enough.” Ned gestured forward. “Why don’t you sit with us? I’m sure Michael would like a chance to catch up.”

“If he can even look me in the face,” Olivia murmured as she followed him

Cherry Blossom Lane

It was nearly noon when a dark car with tinted windows pulled to a stop several houses away from Elizabeth’s.

Jason had landed in New York a few day earlier, had taken the car Victor rented for him and headed straight for Port Charles. But he had stopped along the way when he’d read on the Herald website that there would be a funeral today.

The photo in the article had been of Elizabeth with two other people dressed in their nurse’s scrubs. The paper identified them as Sabrina Santiago and Felix DuBois. Sabrina had died during surgery the day Jason had left Greece, her premature son surviving the operation. Patrick’s premature son. Jason knew about Sabrina from Robin.

And knew Elizabeth had been close to her.

So he was biding his time until night fell, still trying to figure out exactly how to approach her. Sonny hadn’t been arrested yet, so he had some time. Should he just knock on her door? Should he tell her right away what had been done?

Would she believe him? Would she forgive him?

A white car drove past him and pulled into Elizabeth’s driveway, next to a dark blue sedan he recognized as Audrey Hardy’s.

Monica stepped out of the driver’s seat, another blonde woman stepped out of the passenger, her blonde hair darker.

Then the front door opened, and Audrey stepped out. She looked the same, though several years older. Jason thought she was somewhere in her eighties now—

Two dark-haired boys, one half the size of the other rushed towards Monica, hugging her.

And a sunny blond boy, who hugged Audrey, then sauntered towards the women.

These were Elizabeth’s sons.

That was Jake. He had been a toddler the last Jason saw of him, barely two years old. Cameron had been in pre-school, nearing the age of five. And now…

Cameron was ten years old, Jake was seven. And the little boy Cameron had at his side was Aidan, just under four years old if Jason remembered the dates in the newspapers correctly.

His son was a child now. A boy. Who didn’t know him. If Jake knew about him at all, it was probably without much interest. A man who’d walked away from him.

Jason watched as Monica and Audrey chatted a moment, as the unfamiliar blonde corralled the three boys into the back of the white car, strapping them in—the youngest in a booster seat.

Then everyone got into their cars. Monica pulled out first, then Audrey. And they drove away.

He had been considering holding off another day or so, giving himself more time to work on his approach—but the sight of Jake and Cam so grown up, the presence of Aidan as a true indication of the passage of time—

He didn’t want to wait another day. He would wait until night fell, and then he would knock on the door.

Jason wanted his life back and he wasn’t willing to wait anymore.

County Jail: Meeting

It was just under two months between their ill-fated engagement party and this moment, but it might as well have been decades.

Nikolas stepped into room where he was meeting Britt and took in her appearance. The prison uniform was a dull gray, Britt’s face was devoid of makeup, her dull hair limply falling below her shoulders.

Her eyes were red, lined with fatigue and all but empty.

“Come here to gloat?” she demanded, but nothing changed in her expression. No signs of life.

Nikolas’s need for revenge, for payback had dissipated when Gia told him she’d made a deal with Britt for custody of Lulu’s child. Britt had lost her career, her job, and her child.

Sometimes, enough was enough.

“I have no need for that.” Nikolas took a seat across from her. “I came here to thank you for the custody papers. For not forcing Dante and Lulu to continue in court. For not putting anyone through a trial.”

“I didn’t do it for any of you,” Britt all but snarled. “I did it because that bitch said I could get out in two years and my license was only suspended for a year. I pled this down to a misdemeanor. I can get on with my life.”

“I know.” Nikolas paused. “I asked her to plea it down, not to charge you with a felony if you agreed to a custody deal. Whatever you might think of me, putting you in jail for the rest of your life? It’s vindictive. And it’s overkill. I wanted you out of my life, and I wanted the wrong you committed against my sister to be righted.” He stood. “You made your deal for two to five years. You’ll come up for parole in a year, maybe a bit more. I won’t contest it, and neither will Lulu.”

“Gee, I guess I should say thanks.” Britt tossed her hair back, life seeping into her eyes again. “Forgive me if I’m not exactly grateful.”

“I loved you,” Nikolas said. “Part of me still loves the woman I thought you were. If you had told me before Ben was born, if you had come to me with this, we could have made it right. You knew the pain my sister was dealing with, and you made me complicit in it. You made my son fall love in with you and your son. Do you feel any regret for what you’ve done? Remorse? Or was it all an act?” He narrowed his eyes. “Did I fall in love with an illusion?”

“It’s easy to say you might have helped me make it better in hindsight,” Britt said slowly. “But you don’t know that. And I had no way of knowing that.   We were doomed from the start, and I knew that.” She hesitated. “I let myself forget it. I shouldn’t have. I know better. Nothing good stays. Not for me.” She flicked her eyes to the door. “You can go now.”

PCPD: Conference Room

Gia looked up at Anna, then back down the still photographs. “You’re kidding me. Someone just dropped this on your doorstep?”

“Special delivery,” Anna said, as she took her seat. “But, essentially yes.” She gestured for Sly to push forward the laptop. “Apparently, Ava Jerome has security footage in her home. This has AJ entering Ava’s penthouse. An argument between them. Ava has the gun initially, AJ gets it away from her.

“Will it be a problem,” Nathan began, “that when Sonny comes into the room, AJ’s hands are around Ava’s neck?”

“It gives him an opportunity to claim self-defense,” Gia admitted, as she pressed play on a DVD without sound and watch the scene unfold. “I wish we had audio, but it looks as though Sonny gets his attention, AJ steps away. His hands are up. He’s talking to Sonny—and its less than, what? Ten seconds before Sonny shoots him twice?”

“He’ll make the claim, but you can argue a guilty mind,” Anna said. “AJ’s hands are up. Sonny’s in control. There’s no justification at this point. He knows he’s wrong at this point because he and Ava go to a lot of trouble to cover up their presence. Ava allowed her own brother to be arrested.”

“He can argue self-defense,” Gia agreed, “but he won’t win.” She hesitated. “I’ll need Sly and Nathan to go at Duke Lavery again. I’m sorry, Anna, I know—”

“Duke and I have gone our separate ways,” Anna said after a moment. “I’ve known since the moment he gave the statement that he lied to me. So, go at him. And break him,” she told her detectives.

“Is there any reason to hold off on an arrest warrant now?” Sly asked. “I know why we held out, but now we have this footage and Ava’s statement—”

“Which will also kill any self-defense claim,” Nathan added. “If we can trust Ava.”

“I think we’re ready,” Gia said. “I wanted to stave off any preliminary hearing issues, but this puts us way over the top. I wanted Ava’s statement, I wasn’t expecting security footage.” She looked at Anna. “I’ll call the judge. We’re going to arrest Sonny Corinthos.”

Queen of Angels Cemetery

The coffin was at the bottom of a dark hole, and Patrick knew that gravediggers would return after they were gone to fill it in. Sabrina would be beneath the ground.

“Times like these,” Felix said, as he stood by Patrick, the two of them the last of the mourners at the burial site, “I wish I had Sabrina’s faith. She was so calm at the end, as if she had accepted what would happen. She had placed herself in God’s hands, and this was His will.”

“God and I aren’t on the best of terms right now,” Patrick said roughly. He looked at Felix. “But I want Simon raised with her faith. Is that crazy?”

“I think it might be a good way for Simon to connect with her.” Felix looked at the hole, at the empty space where her headstone would rest. “It’s—it’s difficult at home. In our apartment. She’s not there, and I can’t wrap my mind around that.” He shook his head. “I can’t wrap my mind around any of this.”

“She deserved better than this,” Patrick said. “A better ending. A better life. She deserved a better man.”

“No one ever gets what they deserve,” Felix murmured. “Nothing new there.”

Greystone Manor: Living Room

Somehow, despite Carly’s warnings and the fact Ava was no longer returning his phone calls, Sonny didn’t really think this day would come. It never had before.

But when Max stepped in from the foyer, his eyes sad, his demeanor resigned, Sonny could claim genuine surprise when he saw Anna Devane standing there, a pair of detectives behind her.

One of them stepped forward, handcuffs dangling from his hand. Anna stared at Sonny for a moment before speaking.

“Michael Corinthos, Jr., you are under arrest for the murder of Alan Quartermaine, Jr. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney…”

Elizabeth’s Home: Living Room

Elizabeth’s phone bleeped with a news notification, but she ignored it as she set her purse down and put the phone next to it. The only phone calls she intended to take tonight would come from Monica or Starr, and they each had their own ring tone.

She had buried a good friend today, and watched another friend teeter on the brink of despair. Patrick, a good man who deserved so much from life, had continued to be plagued by bad luck and tragedy.  After Robin’s defection, Sabrina’s illness and death seemed unfair. And their son, fighting for his life in the NICU, though Kelly seemed optimistic.

And she herself was tired of being battered from all sides. From Jason’s death to the disaster of a relationship with AJ to Connie’s murder to Britt and Nikolas, then AJ’s murder…and the nonsense with Jason’s estate—Elizabeth was over it.

She just wanted to live in her quiet home, raise her boys, and work hard at her job. She wanted to be there for her friends, but she just wanted a moment to breathe.

Tonight was that night. Monica and Starr had agreed to take the boys overnight with Michael and Dillon’s help. She was so happy to have the Quartermaines in her life, standing behind her and her boys. Surprised, but happy.

But she was going to soak in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and put the rest of the world out of her head.

She was at the base of the steps when the doorbell rang. If not for her car in the driveway, Elizabeth seriously considered going upstairs and pretending not to be home.

“I hate my life.” She padded to the door, prepared to talk Patrick down or let Felix cry on her shoulder, or maybe it would be Carly, with her guilt in her eyes, or Nikolas, checking up on her after all the drama as he could be counted on to do despite the distance between them in the last weeks.

Anyone other than Patrick or Felix was getting sent away.

And then she opened the door.

Elizabeth blinked, gripped the frame of the door. No, it couldn’t—



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