July 1, 2016

So as I mentioned in the last post, Season Three of Damaged didn’t quite evolve the way I had hoped. I had started to play with storylines as I finished up Season Two to better link the two — had planned to write from December-February and premiere in March.

So while illness and graduate school were the primary reasons that plan was derailed, a secondary reason was that — well, some of it fell apart when I actually sat down to write the story.  So I threw out most of my ideas and started over, looking through your comments to find what might trigger your interest and how I could better serve the story you guys want to read.

I actually found a lot of inspiration while sick with bronchitis last year. I spent the better part of two weeks laying in bed, watching television. I binged ten seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, and realized I wanted its narrative structure to serve as the foundation of Damaged. While I don’t love every decision they make on that show, I like the serialized nature of it and the way that (for the most part) the episodes have framing devices that make them singular narrative units. So I tried to plan my episodes around one story–one set of characters serving as the framing device to give the episodes more cohesiveness. Once I did that, it actually started to fall into place better. I plan to spend the majority of July writing the scenes I’ve been working so hard on the last few months. So here’s your teasers and previews for Season 3, coming to you in September.

The Previews

The biggest story is going to be Sonny’s murder trial. It’s going to take up a lot of the episodes — will serve as the framing device for nearly half of the episodes, particularly early on, and will involve most of the cast. So what can you look forward to?

  • Gia is going to set fire to Sonny’s self-defense claim by assassinating any witness he puts on the stand. You can look forward to major showdowns with Jason, Ava, and Sonny, but it turns out there are a few tricks up Gia’s sleeve when it comes to the secrets Carly is keeping. Gia has a long history in Port Charles and the benefit of her friendships will play heavily here. (Let’s not forget that towards the end of Gia’s run she was close to Zander, who was definitely privy to some of Carly’s worst secrets in 2001).
  • But despite Gia’s best efforts, Michael made the point last season that the shooting was self-defense–Sonny’s worst crime was leaving AJ to die. Will there be some sympathy for Sonny’s state of mind? Will the truth about Ava’s crimes be revealed in time to make a difference?
  • And Jason will have to testify about AJ’s past — but Gia isn’t going to let him off the hook because of her semi-friendship with Elizabeth. Jason is going to have to come to terms, for the first time, with what he did all those years ago–and he’ll have to face Michael’s judgement.

At the end of Season Two, Preston and Franco returned–ostensibly on Victor’s orders to discredit and take down Ava. But Victor, as diabolical as he is, underestimated the brothers, and they have an agenda of their own. Franco will torture Ava, but Preston has his own plans. You might have guessed that he was the one that paid a visit to Sam in the last episode–not Jason. He’ll continue to gaslight Sam, but why? And how far will he push her?  What are his plans for his twin brother? You think he’s done his worst, but Preston is about to become even more dangerous.

Which brings us to Victor himself. His goal may be insane (a new Russian revolution that will see the Cassadines restored to power? His father would be so proud!), but his ruthlessness is no joke. Elizabeth has so much faith in Robert and Luke, but maybe too much. What are their priorities? Is Robert willing to place Jason’s family in danger to save his own? By the end of the season, Victor will make it clear that someone will have to pay for Jason’s mistakes.

At the PCPD, a straightforward investigation into a teenager’s murder becomes more complicated when another body is found. And two more teens go missing. Does Port Charles have a serial killer on their hands?

Laura (with the help of Felix) uncovers a deep and shocking secret at the heart of the Ward Foundation–when they turn over their results to the cops, Parisa is forced to confront her own past and the reasons she fled the Bronx for upstate New York.

And in the quiet background, the rest of Port Charles goes on with their lives. Maxie struggles to find new balance in her life when Julian’s niece, Lauren, shows up and appears to threaten her job. Lauren, however, is far more interested in the secrets of her own past–and in Michael. Lulu and Dante face the difficulties of careers, parenthood, and keeping the romance alive…while Dillon is forced to admit a secret from his own past has come back to haunt him in a big way.

All that and more–in September 🙂

May 14, 2016

So, we’re about (looks at calendar) three months beyond the date I mentioned the series would be back. Yeah. I imagine the majority of you follow me at Crimson Glass, so you’re aware that life has been awful for five months between school, work, and all of the illnesses in the land. (Sinus infection followed by stomach virus followed by the flu.)

I did very little creative writing because I had no time and I had no creativity.

But the semester is over, and I’m digging back into this. I’m leaning towards a September 1 return for Season 3 at the very latest. If I get some mojo working, it might be sooner. I don’t know.  But I’m still here and thinking about it, working on it.

November 25, 2015

This entry is part 15 of 15 in the series Season Two

Hello! Here is the fun post where I answer some questions and respond to concerns that have cropped up in replies, interview myself about the story and offer some previews for what’s next. If you want to ask further questions, please just reply 🙂 You know I’ll answer!

A Word On Carly

So I saw that there’s some concern that Carly isn’t going to get punished for her role in AJ’s death and the things that lead up to it. I get it. I know Carly has done some pretty awful things in her time in Port Charles, and to be honest, on the show currently, my love for Carly has waned considerably. I like her best away from Sonny.  In the Damaged universe, Carly did keep her mouth shut for a few weeks — but there was no elaborate cover up and she was swimming in guilt over her secret keeping. She came clean, and with more pushing, went to the police and was instrumental in Sonny’s arrest. Contrast that with her absolutely disgusting cover-up and rationalization on the show — I don’t know if Carly has as much to answer for beyond her role in AJ’s downfall and actions in the past.

That being said, I have a lot of plans for the trial and Carly’s role in it which should help those of you who want her roasted over a fire pit. More on that in the previews section! I have an affection for Carly that’s not always rational. I do my best to keep what’s great about her character intact while allowing her to mature and grow. I try to balance my writing for Carly by keeping her true to the time period in which my story is set, but I don’t always suceed. I think the character has more potential than the show has ever allowed her to experience.

Is Starr gone for good? 

At the moment, yeah. I tried really hard to make something work with Starr, but at the moment, she just doesn’t fit. So like the show, I wrote her out. I hoped that it felt a bit more organic, more realistic than the show obviously deal allowed for. Here, it’s not that Starr doesn’t love him, but that she doesn’t see a life with him in Port Charles. I honestly never understood why she would have stayed in Port Charles in the first place after losing Cole and Hope there. So with this, Todd and Starr are both going to head out. If I see a use for them later, I’ll happily bring them back.

I’m not sure I understand the the Preston-Evan-Franco thing.

I plan to go into more detail later — after all, Season 3 is going to feature the brothers heavily. But basically — Preston was given to someone that Alexandria Quartermaine knew of — Samantha Reynolds. Samantha raised Preston for two years before having a second son, Evan. They’re two years apart. When Preston is seven, Evan is five, the state of Rhode Island took custody of Preston and intended to go after Evan. Samantha fled with her son and renamed her self Betsy Frank, and her son Robert. Preston Reynolds remained in state custody. How Preston and Franco found each other later will be a story to deal with Season 3. But basically — Preston and Franco were raised briefly as brothers and see each other in that fashion.

If you have any questions regarding any stories or characters from Season Two, please let me know. That being said, here’s your previews for Season 3.

Holly Oliver’s Murder!

ELQ is going to get swept up in the scandal as the PCPD hunt down Ian Hamilton and try to piece together the last few months of Holly’s life. Molly fights for Ian’s innocence, even as her own friends believe the worst. Meanwhile, the scandal at ELQ threatens Laura’s newfound life, the Ward foundation holds many secrets, and Michael begins to spiral out of control. He is his father’s son–though which father is usually open for interpretation.

The Spencer-Scorpio Coalition

Robert and Luke begin to gather their forces and are determined to free Robin before going after Victor. They hunt down leads from their old WSB days, but are hesitant to do anything that might see people hurt. Nikolas offers his help but Luke begins to suspect the Dark Prince may be darker than he appears (or maybe Luke will always distrust a Cassadine).

Sonny Goes On Trial!

Sonny’s trial begins, but he’s not going down without a fight. AJ’s character is tested and his past becomes an open book. What secrets does AJ’s past still hold and will Michael be able to deal with what’s still there out there? As I wrote this sentence about Michael, haha I literally heard the Friends theme in my head. *sings* His job’s a joke, he’s broke, and his love life’s DOA. Maybe he’s not broke, but there’s a lot at stake for Michael ahead.  He’ll have to face te people who raised them and the darkest depths of their souls. For those of you who want some raking Carly over a pit of fire action, I hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come.

Oh, hey! Preston and Franco! 

Franco has already begun his fun with Ava, but Preston has some ideas of his own. His darling twin brother is finally aware of him, and he’s going to enjoy every minute of the torment ahead. Sam doesn’t know what to believe as some truths reveal themselves and she is swept up in a deadly game between the brothers. And just when you think you know what Preston will do next…think again. He has a plan for Jason and the women who love him, and it might just prove devastating for everyone involved.

You’re leaving people out!

Indeed. Dillon has a secret and if you were paying attention in Season Two, I hinted at it surfacing. He was gone for seven years–would he be a Quartermaine if those were squeaky clean years? His story will thread in and out of Season 3 and finish up in Season 4. Maxie is everywhere at once, but just when her life seems like it’s on the right track–Fate has one last trick up its sleeve.

Questions, comments, queries? Damaged, Season 3 will be premiere in March!