On this page, I have listed the characters that are in Damaged in the beginning. This list will not reflect the current Season 2 or upcoming Season 3 cast or stories, but serves as a refresher for where these characters were in April 2014.

The Quartermaines, Webbers and Hardys

webqs_monica Monica Quartermaine
Monica has lost her last living child, AJ, and struggles with knowing she is the last of her family. She wants justice for her children and is convinced that Sonny Corinthos is behind AJ’s murder.
webqs_tracy  Tracy Quartermaine
Seeing Monica’s pain, Tracy begins to regret her actions which led to AJ’s untimely death, and looks to rebuild ELQ and the Quartermaine Family.
webqs_ned  Ned Ashton
Ned returns to Port Charles for AJ’s funeral and remains to become his mother’s right hand man at ELQ, following the murder of his cousin, AJ.
webqs_dillon Dillon Quartermaine
Dillon returns home for AJ’s funeral and works as a relatively succesfully indie director.
webqs_audrey  Audrey Hardy
Audrey is retired from General Hospital and helping her granddaughter raise her three sons.
webqs_elizabeth Elizabeth Webber
After a nasty confrontation at Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party, Elizabeth is resolved to focus on herself and her boys. Romance has never been kind to her.
webqs_cam Cameron Webber
Cameron is a fifth grader desperately in love with Emma Scorpio-Drake.
webqs_jake Jacob Webber
Jake is a second grader whose entire life is driving his older brother crazy.
Aidan Webber
Aidan is four years old and in his second year of preschool.

 The Corinthos and Morgans

corinthos_sonny Sonny Corinthos
Sonny has murdered AJ Quartermaine and is the prime suspect, despite an airtight alibi from Duke Lavery. He struggles with his guilt for lying to Michael.
corinthos_carly Carly Jacks
Carly knows that Sonny killed Michael’s biological father and is wracked with guilt over keeping it a secret.
corinthos_jason Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan is presumed dead by Port Charles, but Robin Scorpio-Drake knows he’s alive.
webqs_michael Michael Corinthos
Michael prepares to bury his biological father and struggles with the knowledge that his adoptive father is likely guilty. He is in a long-term relationship with Starr Manning.
corinthos_sam Sam McCall-Morgan
Sam is raising her son, Danny, and enjoying a long-distance relationship with FBI Agent, John McBain.
corinthos_olivia Olivia Falconieri
Olivia is helping her son and daughter-in-law wage a vicious custody battle for Ben Westbourne and has been casually dating Sonny Corinthos.
corinthos_dante Dante Falconieri
Dante and Lulu are attempting to regain custody of their son, Ben Westbourne, from his legal mother, the woman who carried him and gave birth to him. He’s also investigating the murder of AJ Quartermaine.
spencercass_lulu Lulu Spencer Falconieri
Dante and Lulu are attempting to regain custody of their son, Ben Westbourne, from his legal mother, the woman who carried him and gave birth to him. She’s also facing the return of her best friend, Maxie Jones, who pretended to be carrying her child.
morgan Morgan Corinthos
Morgan is in sixth grade and lives with his mother, Carly and sister, Joss.
corinthos_ric Ric Lansing
Ric is re-establishing his life in Port Charles through a new law practice, a relationship with his daughter, and convincing Elizabeth he still loves her.

 The Spencers and Cassadines

spencercass_luke Luke Spencer
Luke is off on adventure where he’s been since being cured of plutonium poisoning the previous summer.
spencercass_laura  Laura Spencer
Laura is preparing to return from Paris for good, to support her daughter during a difficult time.
spencercass_bobbie  Bobbie Spencer
Bobbie is preparing to move to Port Charles to be closer to her family and go back to work at General Hospital.
spencercass_lucky  Lucky Spencer
Lucky is still in Europe, finding himself. He does not remain in contact with his family to any great extent.
spencercass_lucas  Lucas Jones
Lucas is moving to Port Charles to enroll in the internship program at General Hospital.
spencercass_nikolas  Nikolas Cassadine
Nikolas is dealing with the fallout of his broken engagement to Britt Westbourne and his feelings for Elizabeth.
spencercass_alexis  Alexis Davis
Alexis raising her daughters and embarking on a relationship with Julian Jerome to everyone’s chagrin.
spencercass_molly  Molly Lansing-Davis
Molly is completing her junior year at Port Charles High and heartbroken after TJ moves back to Chicago with his mother, Jordan.
spencercass_kristina Kristina Corinthos-Davis
Kristina is attending college at Dartmouth.
spencercass_obrecht Liesl Obrecht
Liesl is the chief of staff at General Hospital and working with Victor Cassadine.
spencercass_britt Britta Westbourne
Britt is prepared to fight tooth and nail for custody of Ben, believing she has nothing left to lose after her engagement to Nikolas goes down in flames.
spencercass_viktor Victor Cassadine
Victor is the head of the WSB with nefarious plans for Port Charles.
spencercass_spencer Spencer Cassadine
Spencer is a bratty fifth grader dueling for the heart of Emma Scorpio-Drake.

 The Scorpio, Drakes and Jones

scorpiodrake_robin Robin Scorpio-Drake
Robin learns about Victor’s master plan for the citizens of Port Charles and why she’s really been pressed into service to resurrect Jason, Helena, and Stavros.
scorpiodrake_robert Robert Scorpio
Robert is on assignment for the WSB.
scorpiodrake_patrick  Patrick Drake
Patrick is struggling with the departure of his wife and the new baby he’s expecting with ex, Sabrina.
scorpiodrake_maxie  Maxie Jones
Maxie returns from her sojourn, prepared to rebuild her life and her friendships, particularly with Lulu and Dante.
scorpiodrake_mac Mac Scorpio
In April 2014, Mac is focused on his family but finding life running a bar less than satisfactory.
scorpiodrake_emma  Emma Scorpio-Drake
In April 2014, Emma is a fifth grader torn between two boys.
scorpiodrake_felicia  Felicia Jones-Scorpio
In April 2014, Felicia is looking for a new challenge, but one that doesn’t take her from her family again.
scorpiodrake_anna  Anna Devane
In April 2014, Anna struggles with the murder of AJ Quartermaine and her doubts in Duke.
others_duke  Duke Lavery
In April 2014, Duke wonders about his loyalties.

 The Jeromes

jerome_julian Julian Jerome
In April 2014, Julian is working against Sonny, building a relationship with his children, Sam and Lucas, and one with Alexis.
jerome_ava  Ava Jerome
In April 2014, Ava is preparing to double cross everyone, including her own family, to get what she wants with the help of a mysterious partner.

 The Mannings

manning_todd Todd Manning
In April 2014, Todd is in Llanview, helping his daughter Danielle deal with a drug addiction, while managing his paper and interests in Port Charles from afar.
manning_starr  Starr Manning
In April 2014, Michael and Starr have been dating for more than a year, and she prepares to support him through the murder of his father and his suspicions regarding Sonny.

 The PCPD & the Law

pcpd_nathan Nathan West
In April 2014, Nathan has been living in Port Charles for several months and sublets from Maxie Jones. He’s Dante’s partner.
pcpd_gia Gia Campbell
In April 2014, Gia is working in Albany, with the State Attorney General.
leah Leah Richardson
In April 2014, Leah Richardson is the newly sworn in mayor of Port Charles, determined to see that crimes do not remained unsolved.
diane Diane Miller
In April 2014, Diane is in private practice and preparing to help Dante and Lulu regain custody of their son.

 The Hospital

hospital_sabrina Sabrina Santiago
In April 2014, Sabrina is pregnant with Patrick’s child and struggling with her feelings for him.
hospital_felix  Felix DuBois
In April 2014, Felix is being a good friend to Sabrina and recovering from a breakup with Brad.
hospital_brad Brad Cooper
In April 2014, Brad is dealing with the fallout from his decision to help Britt.


other_spinelli Damien Spinelli
In April 2014, Spinelli lives in Portland with his girlfriend, Ellie, and his daughter Georgie.
other_lucy Lucy Coe-Collins
In April 2014, Lucy is hard at work on the next Nurse’s Ball.
other_kevin Kevin Collins
In April 2014, Kevin is working at General Hospital.
webqs_preston Preston St. James
We don’t know who this lovely fellow is, do we?

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