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If you want to refresh yourself as to the status and background of characters at the beginning of Season 2, this page will give you a brief recap of what each character was involved in during the first eleven episodes. It, obviously, has insane spoilers for the first season.

The Quartermaines, Webbers, and Hardys

webqs_monica Monica Quartermaine
After the murder of her son AJ, Monica concentrated on the family she has left by building relationships with Elizabeth and her sons, developing a deeper bond with Michael, joining forces with Tracy, and battling Sam to settle Jason’s estate and gain access to Jason’s son, Danny. She and Elizabeth petitioned to have Jason declared legally dead at the end of Season 1.
webqs_tracy  Tracy Quartermaine
Subdued by Monica’s losses, Tracy has decided to turn over a new leaf and use ELQ shares in order to strengthen the bonds of the Quartermaine family. She teamed up with Ned and Ric to have Jason declared legally dead in order to get his shares away from Sam and attempt to right the wrong she committed when she forged Alan’s will. She remains CEO of the company.
webqs_michael Michael Quartermaine
Michael turned his back on his adopted father in order to pursue justice for his biological one after AJ’s murder. Working as an assistant to Ned and Tracy at ELQ, he devoted himself to the Quartermaines and his newfound cousin, Jake. Michael struggled with the knowledge that his uncle Jason was a deeply flawed man who abandoned his own son.
webqs_ned  Ned Ashton
Ned joined forces with his mother to right the ship at ELQ and sort the legal quagmire of forged wills and unsettled estates among ELQ’s various shareholders. He has rejoined ELQ as the CFO
webqs_dillon Dillon Quartermaine
Dillon decided to return home to Port Charles. While helping his mother with her shenanigans, Dillon has also reconnected with Maxie and Lulu in hopes of helping them mend their rift after the birth of Maxie’s daughter.
webqs_audrey  Audrey Hardy
Audrey was mostly absent during Season One, primarily spending time with her grandchildren.
webqs_elizabeth Elizabeth Webber
Elizabeth bonded with Monica after AJ’s murder and allowed her to announce Jake’s paternity to the world in order to welcome to the family. She and Sam are battling over Jason’s estate, a will not updated since December 2008 which leaves Elizabeth in control of nearly everything.

 The Corinthos and Morgans

corinthos_sonny Sonny Corinthos
Though Sonny remained defiant for weeks, at the end of the season, he was arrested for AJ’s murder.
corinthos_carly Carly Jacks
Carly tore herself apart with guilt as she tried to keep Sonny’s crime a secret. She eventually confided in Todd, who convinced her to take the next step. She told Michael, and eventually came forward to tell Anna. She cut her ties with Sonny in order to protect her relationship with her son.
corinthos_jason Jason Morgan
Jason woke from an induced coma to learn that he had been asleep since February 2009 and that Victor Cassadine sent a lookalike to Port Charles to live his life. Victor has sent Jason back to Port Charles and Jason went straight to Elizabeth to tell her the truth. He’s standing on her doorstep waiting for her to answer the door.
corinthos_sam Sam McCall-Morgan
Upon Jason’s death, Sam learned she and her son had been cut out of his will. Though her family disapproves, Sam has decided to go court and battle Elizabeth for control of Jason’s estate.
corinthos_olivia Olivia Falconieri
Disgusted by Sonny’s inattention to Dante, Olivia walked away from Sonny and struggled with the knowledge that Connie’s murderer may still be at large.
corinthos_dante Dante Falconieri
Dante and Lulu were awarded custody of their son and renamed him Dominic. He gained a new partner at the PCPD, Parisa Ahmadi, and struggled to close AJ’s murder investigation, knowing they were closing in on his own father.
spencercass_lulu Lulu Spencer Falconieri
Lulu gained custody of her biological son after Britt was put in jail for his kidnapping. She began to rebuild her career at the Haunted Star, her relationship with her mother and struggled with her love for Maxie in spite of the custody issues.
corinthos_ric Ric Lansing
Though Ric came back to Port Charles to pursue a better relationship with his daughter Molly and to rekindle things with Elizabeth, he was thwarted when Molly left for a program in Germany and Elizabeth shut him down. He joined ELQ as their corporate attorney.
Damien Spinelli Damian Spinelli
He currently lives in Portland with his girlfriend, Ellie, and his daughter, Georgie. He didn’t show up last season, but with a custody battle looming and Jason’s return, it’s unlikely a pack of wild horses will keep Spinelli out of town.

 The Spencers and Cassadines

spencercass_laura  Laura Spencer
Laura returned from Paris and began to plan the Nurse’s Ball with Lucy Coe. She struggled to re-establish herself among family and friends after such a long absence.
spencercass_bobbie  Bobbie Spencer
Bobbie reopened her Brownstone, renting out to her son, Lucas, as well the PCPD detectives Nathan and Sly. She resented Julian’s intrusion into her life and his attempt to connect to Lucas.
spencercass_lucas  Lucas Jones
Lucas began his internship at General Hospital and tried to develop a deeper relationship with newfound half-sister, Sam.
spencercass_nikolas  Nikolas Cassadine
Ashamed of his actions at his engagement party and his cruel treatment of Elizabeth, Nikolas sought revenge on Britt. He bought controlling interest in the hospital, and had her and Brad Cooper fired. He orchestrated her mother’s exit from Port Charles as well. Once Britt made a plea agreement in exchange for giving up custody, Nikolas told her his war was over.
spencercass_alexis  Alexis Davis
Alexis said goodbye to her youngest daughter, Molly, as she left for a program in Germany. She then struggled with Sam as her eldest daughter decided to fight a bitter war for what Sam feels is her rightful share of Jason’s estate.
spencercass_viktor Victor Cassadine
Victor Cassadine revealed Jason’s true location to Robin in order to wake him from a five-year-long induced coma. He also revealed himself as the mysterious backer behind the Jeromes–Ava, to be particular. He orchestrated Sonny’s arrest by forcing Ava to come forward, but his actual deadly plot is still quite under wraps.

 The Scorpio, Drakes and Jones

scorpiodrake_robin Robin Scorpio-Drake
Robin was able to safely bring Preston St. James and Jason back into the waking world — though she was stunned to learn Preston had been posting as Jason for three years! She’s trapped in Greece, reviving Helena and Stavros for Victor and serving as insurance that Jason will cooperate with Victor.
scorpiodrake_patrick  Patrick Drake
Patrick was dealt a harsh blow when Robin left to save Jason, though he quickly found things put in perspective when Sabrina died during a surgery to remove a dangerous aneurysm. Their son, Simon Gabriel Santiago-Drake survived and is in NICU.
scorpiodrake_maxie  Maxie Jones
Maxie returned to Port Charles and was a bit lost at first, her daughter across the country and her BFF still angry at her. But after some pep talks from her parents and encouragement from Dillon, Maxie landed a job at the Port Charles Sun under Julian Jerome where she writes fashion articles and a snarky advice column.
scorpiodrake_mac Mac Scorpio
While Mac has found himself personally settled in his marriage to Felicia and his job managing the Floating Rib, he found himself worrying about Maxie and Patrick, each struggling with their own personal tragedies.
scorpiodrake_felicia  Felicia Jones-Scorpio
Felicia and Bobbie commiserated on the difficulties of raising daughters, but with Felicia’s steadfast support, she was able to steer Maxie toward a new career.
scorpiodrake_anna  Anna Devane
Anna experienced incredible career success during Season One. She successfuly arrested Sonny Corinthos for AJ Quartermaine’s murder, doubled the size of her detectives unit, and put Britt Westbourne behind bars. But it came at a price: her relationship with Duke Lavery.
others_duke  Duke Lavery
Duke remained off screen for most of Season One, clinging steadfastly to the alibi he offered Sonny, though Anna decided to leave him, convinced of his lie and his lack of respect for her.

 The Jeromes

jerome_julian Julian Jerome
Julian spent most of Season One dealing with his daughter Sam’s inability to let go of her deceased ex-husband–or his estate. His suspicion of the mysterious backer and his sister Ava grew after AJ Quartermaine was murdered in his home.
jerome_ava  Ava Jerome
Ava grew increasingly desperate as Victor Cassadine, the man bankrolling their operation in Port Charles, began to draw back from her. He directed her to turn Sonny in for AJ’s murder, and Ava complied.

 The Mannings

manning_todd Todd Manning
Todd, in and out of Llanview most of the time, returned to Port Charles and encouraged Carly to tell Michael the truth about Sonny when she confided in him. He also provided a clue to Starr about Ava’s possible involvement in Connie’s murder.
manning_starr  Starr Manning
Starr stood behind Michael as he buried his father and pursued justice for his murder. She reopened the Haunted Star with Lulu and began to bond with her new business partner.

 The PCPD & the Law

pcpd_nathan Nathan West
With his new partner, Sly, Nathan investigated various major crimes in Port Charles, particularly the murders of AJ Quartermaine and Connie Falconeri. He moved out of his apartment and into the Brownstone when Maxie returned.
pcpd_gia Gia Campbell
Gia successfully prosecuted Britt Westbourne for the kidnapping of Dante and Lulu’s biological child. She assisted Anna and the Major Case squad in putting together a case against Sonny Corinthos for AJ’s murder. She also reconnected with Elizabeth and Nikolas.
leah Leah Richardson
The newly elected mayor threw her weight behind Anna and doubled the size of the PCPD’s detective unit in order to give Anna the resources she needed. She was Anna’s number one fan.
diane Diane Miller
Diane successfully gained Dante and Lulu temporary custody of their son and saw them through the final arrangement. She also declined to represent Sonny Corinthos going forward.
Parisa Ahmadi Parisa Ahmadi
Parisa moved to Port Charles from Queens, New York, and met her new partner, Dante. They investigated AJ’s murder by focusing on Ava Jerome.
Sly Eckert Sly Eckert
A transplant from Buffalo, Sly is returning to his old stomping grounds and working with Nathan West at the PCPD in the Major Crimes unit. He rented a room from his Aunt Bobbie at the Brownstone.

 The Hospital

Kelly Lee Kelly Lee
Kelly returned to General Hospital, lured away from Mercy Hospital where she’s worked since the hospital burned in 2009. She oversaw Sabrina’s pregnancy until Sabrina’s death.
hospital_felix  Felix DuBois
Felix was devastated when best friend and roommate Sabrina died during a brain surgery. He and Patrick agreed to put side their differences in order to raise Simon, Sabrina’s son.


other_lucy Lucy Coe-Collins
Lucy threw herself into preparation for the Nurse’s Ball alongside Laura.
other_kevin Kevin Collins
Kevin wasn’t around much last season, but he remains present, and it’s possible someone in Port Charles might require his assistance this season.
webqs_preston Preston St. James
He made a brief appearance last season to explain himself to Robin, but his legacy in Port Charles will haunt his twin brother forever. After posing as Jason Morgan for three years, Preston was pulled out by Victor. But he’s probably not gone forever. After all, he might have a child.

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