Changes to GH Universe

In General & Disclaimer

I did not watch the show from roughly about February 2009-July 2012, due to an extremely heavy courseload, fatigue from being a member of the Liason fandom, and annoyance at the show as Jason and Sam looked to be hooking back up, Elizabeth was careening towards Lucky and Nikolas, and Nadine was written out. Also, they neutered Claudia and turned her into someone obsessed with Sonny. Oy vey.

Anyway. The point of that rant was to say that while I know the larger storylines, most of the smaller details escape me. I do my best to fill in the gaps, but I occasionally have to make things up as I go along.

So here’s the number one rule of the Damaged Universe: Whatever I say goes, so ignore the show’s version and go with me on this. If a character says something happened, that’s their version of what happened. And so on.

Large Sweeping & Thematic Changes

Jake Webber is not killed in 2011. He’s seriously injured in a car accident, but does not die. Because this is a pretty major change, it has a domino effect on the rest of the canvas. Obviously, Elizabeth is a bit of a different character without the death of her child. She doesn’t change the DNA for Danny’s maternity test, but tells Jason right away.

Lucky still leaves town shortly after the accident, but never posed as an Irish terrorist so Siobhan never came to Port Charles. She never existed. More of Lucky’s backstory during this period will be filled in when Lucky shows up in Port Charles.

Jason’s relationship with Jake is a major domino effect as well. For reasons that will become clear during Season 1, Jason never comes forward with his paternity of Jake. In fact, he refuses to do so on numerous occasions until his presumed death in October 2012.  I know this seems like a character break but it’ll make sense later.

Jake’s backstory will be filled as Season 1 progresses. His presence allows Monica and Elizabeth to connect after Jason’s death, which brings her into AJ’s orbit. She and AJ briefly dated and the events on the show basically unfolded unchanged up until his murder.

I didn’t know the show would bring him back (though I always figured they’d go with a Cassadine connection), so I just left Jake alive. I didn’t see the point in killing a child with ties to three major legacy families (The Quartermaines, the Webber-Hardys, and the Corinthos-Morgans).

The OLTL characters did not return as new characters, so the characters of Silas Clay, Kiki Jerome, and Franco did not show up in May 2013. Todd Manning went back to Llanview and merged his holdings with Derek Wells (who turned out to be Julian Jerome) so that he can go more easily between Jack in Llanview and Starr in Port Charles.

Starr went to help Langston in California, then returned where she and Michael continued their relationship. She and Lulu are working to relaunch the Haunted Star after the Cassadine adventure tore it apart.  John McBain left town and rejoined the FBI, where he remains though he and Sam have kept in touch.

That’s not to say that the characters of Kiki Jerome and Silas Clay don’t exist. There are aspects to their story I like, so expect them to be come around (though I loathe the name Kiki and will keep her as Lauren Jerome).

These two changes have the largest impact on the canvas, so they’re the most important ones to keep in mind.

Smaller Story Tweaks

  1. Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party happened as it did on the show until the part where Liesl kidnapped Ben and held Elizabeth hostage.  She doesn’t need to.  Dante and Lulu are biologically Ben’s parents, but not legally. Alexis explains this to them, and Britt leaves to take live in a hotel.
  2. Scott left PC after his divorce to Laura.
  3. Luke has been out of town since his plutonium poisoning. Because there was no Franco, there was no Franco and Carly. Which means Luke never went to Miscavage and the ridiculous Luke DID plot never happened.
  4. It is still generally believed Franco is Jason’s twin brother.
  5.  Morgan Corinthos is not aged in 2013, so he remains in the same generation as Cameron, Emma, Jake, and Spencer. Since the show aged Emma and Spencer, they’re now Jake’s age, with Cameron being a year or so older.
  6. Lauren Jerome still played a role in the ELQ vote, but not as Kiki Jerome. Her backstory will show up in Season Two and Season Three.
  7.  Nathan West is still in Port Charles, but at the moment, he’s just a regular guy who transferred to Port Charles from New York City. There’s no Madeline or Nina, though I haven’t ruled them out.
  8.  Shawn is going to be a non entity in this story and will be written out off screen in a later episde. Jordan never came to town as a drug dealing DEA undercover agent — she actually just took TJ home to Chicago when he becomes involved with the mob.
  9. Kristina was written out by just disappearing, so she’s at Dartmouth.
  10.  Kelly Lee, Lainey Winters, and Nadine Crowell all stayed at Mercy Hospital in 2009 when the hospital burned down.
  11. The show’s division of ELQ stocks in the wake of Edward’s death flies in the face of actual math, so just ignore it and pretend they never gave specific percentages.

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