Damaged picks up from the biotoxin scare of February 2009, and begins April 1, 2014. Why the five year gap? I didn’t watch the show from roughly spring 2009 until summer 2012 for several reasons:

1. The show was annoying me with a return to Lucky/Elizabeth, Jason/Sam, and hints of the Nikolas/Elizabeth affair.

2. My school schedule was picking up and the next four years didn’t leave me much time to care.

Since I didn’t watch the show, I don’t know all the minute details. I know enough about the major storylines to be relatively annoyed, so Damaged is my way of writing the show the way I see it, which is why I’ve instituted a lot of changes between 2009-2014.

While I usually try to avoid attaching myself to specific couples because it can provide too much of a narrow focus, readers should know that I have certain character preferences. All of my stories tend to feature Elizabeth, Dillon, Patrick, and Carly in some fashion. I am a fan of the Jason/Elizabeth pairing–there’s no point in denying that, so if you don’t like those characters and that pairings, I’m not going to be your author.

That being said, I do not set out to unfairly villanize characters like Sam, Ric, and Lucky. I have my own affection for these characters–I just often find they work better with others (in my personal opinion.)

I also try to write for every single character and plan to give them all something to do, even if it’s playing a supporting role at first. So please be prepared for a full ensemble focus.

So check out the changes to the GH universe and keep them in mind as you go forward.

If this is your first time visiting Damaged, then here’s a brief idea where you ought to start.

After reading this page, check out my list of changes to the GH universe, then peruse the cast section. You can start at the beginning with the Introduction, which gives you cast and profiles as of Episode 001. You can check out the Current Status to check out if anyone has left recently or the Current Profiles to get a brief summary of events in the introductory arc that introduced you guys to Damaged.

And then you can read the episodes, beginning with Season One.

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  • Jason and Liz is my favorite.

    According to Alva on October 1, 2018