August 18, 2018

So let me say it was never my intention for y’all to go so long without Season 3. We’re hitting three years next month since Season 2 concluded.

I’m getting closer to really putting Season 3 into production (that is, moving from planning to writing). I’ve ironed out most of the cranky details that kept me from really digging into it. I actually didn’t write anything of consequence for almost two years (from Fall 2015-through Summer 2017). If you follow me at Crimson Glass, then you’re probably aware of the drought between ending The Best Thing in February 2016 and the posting of Bittersweet (spits and starts in 2017 until we really got going in 2018).

I’ve changed my approach to writing and I’ve written a ton in 2018, particularly over the last two months. I’m writing Mad World, Book 2 and, as long as my new schedule holds, I’ll be finishing that in September or October. Then I’ll be working on a new project in November for NaNoWriMo.

This means I won’t be able to dig into Damaged until that point. However, December is definitely going to be the month I write nothing but Damaged. I’ll have written enough (fingers crossed) to post chapters once a week for almost an entire year — three entire novels worth, which will give me the space I need to put everything else on the back burner and dig into Damaged. I figure once I get going, it should take maybe six-eight weeks.

I have never forgotten about this story, it’s just that no one is paying me to write fanfiction. I’ve been working two jobs, going to graduate school, and then I had my student teaching. A lot of real life has claimed my priorities. Life is slowing down — I’m done my teaching cert, so I have fewer classes. I’ve built up my budget so I don’t have to kill myself at both my jobs and take all the hours available.

And grad school is done this year. So all that being said, I am tentatively scheduling Damaged Season 3 to premiere in February 2019.

I know that’s still far away, I really do know that. But I don’t want to make anymore promises. February 2019 is the most realistic date I can give you. If December goes well and it only takes me four weeks to write the season, then I will happily move it up. But since I can’t start writing until December, February is the earliest I can give you.

I love you guys who keep checking in with me! The response to my survey was amazing and gave me a lot to work with for planning.

January 15, 2018

I’m struggling with the writing and planning, so I thought I’d turn to my audience, as tiny as it might be these days and see what you guys like.

I already know that Jason and Elizabeth storylines are the most popular — and believe me, I have tons planned for them. So the questions in this survey are geared towards the other characters.